Full NRMP Registration Guide for Radiology Fellowship Applicants

Why Do You Need to Beat the NRMP Registration Deadline?

The NRMP or National Resident Matching Program is a not for profit organization that will help you to match with your preferred residency or fellowship program. It provides a fair method of assigning places to applicants by comparing your preference list to that of the programs themselves helping each to be matched to the other.
You do not however put your application details or make your formal application through the Match. This is done through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) which is part of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). All of your application details are placed here and the different programs will create their preference list of candidates that have applied from the information that they take from this system.
To ensure that you are considered for the match you will need to ensure that all of the information that is required is uploaded and that you register to all of the different programs at the right time. If your information is not uploaded you cannot apply to the programs that are available and if you have not applied you cannot form your preference list.

What Do You Have to Upload for ERAS

ERAS starts in May for residency applications and in June for fellowship applications. Once the season is open you must get your ERAS token from the EFDO (ERAS Fellowship Documents Office). You can then use that token to register your MyERAS account through AAMC. Once you have access you can then start to upload all of your specific requirements for your applications:

  • The MyERAS fellowship application document.
  • Personal statement; you can personalize them and upload more than one to target different specialties or programs.
  • Letters of Recommendation (LoR); you have to create a list of authors and you will be presented with a letter to send to each requesting your LoR.
  • Your medical school transcripts.
  • MSPE; your Medical School Performance Evaluation.
  • USMLE; United States Medical Licensing Examination results.
  • PTAL (Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter) or California letter if you wish to apply there
  • ECFMG status report for overseas applicants (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).

NRMP Deadlines and Process

The following are some of the key dates and the process for applying to your fellowship places through ERAS and the Match:

Key Dates for ERAS:

June 9th

  • Get your ERAS token from the EFDO and open your MyERAS account to start uploading your application documentation.


  • You can start to apply to programs through ERAS for the July application cycle


  • You can make applications for December cycle fellowship programs

Key Dates and process for the Match for Radiology Fellowships (note that NRMP deadlines for other fellowships will all vary):


  • Opening of the Match for Radiology Fellowships.


  • You can submit your rank order list indicating your order of preference for the programs that you are applying to.


  • Quota change deadline.

June 1st

  • Deadline for submission of your rank order list.

June 15th

  • Match day; your rank order list will be compared to how each program has ranked the applicants that they have received. The algorithm will provide you with a match to the program that best suits you and the needs of the programs that you have applied to.

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