Radiology Fellowship ERAS Registration Tips

What Is ERAS Registration?

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) is part of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and is the system that you will use to apply for both medical residency places for radiology fellowship and other specialties. This is where you can upload all of the application documentation that the different programs will be looking for and actually apply to the many different programs that participate. The AAMC works with some 400 teaching hospitals and 145 medical schools across the US to facilitate the application process.
ERAS also works with the Match, or NRMP (National Resident Matching Program) to provide a fair way of allocating places to applicants. It helps with fellowship placements through their SMS (Specialties Matching Service) alongside its normal residency placements.

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What ERAS Documents Do You Need?

For a fellowship application it is always best to carefully check each position that you are considering to check if they have any specific requirements that are in addition to the normal documents that you will be expected to provide through ERAS. In general you will need to provide all of the following once you have gained access to your MyERAS account in June:

  • Complete the MyERAS fellowship application.
  • Provide your personal statement; this is a one page document and you can upload different versions should you want to personalize them and allocate to specific fellowships.
  • Define your Letter of Recommendation (LoR) authors; you can assign as many as you like but will only be able to assign a maximum of 4 to any specific application.
  • Get the dean’s office to upload your medical school transcripts and Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE).
  • For applicants to California you will require your PTAL (Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter).
  • Authorize the uploading of your USMLE transcripts (United States Medical Licensing Examination).
  • ECFMG status report required for overseas applicants (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).

Process for Making Your Application through ERAS and the NRMP

There are few key dates that You will need to keep in mind when making an application through your MyERAS and the Match. The following dates are for your ERAS application:
June 9th

  • You can get your ERAS token from the EFDO (ERAS Fellowship Documents Office)
    Set up your MyERAS account using the token that has been provided
    Start to upload your application documents for application

July 15th

  • Start to make applications to July Cycle Programs

December 1st

  • Make application to December Cycle Programs

With Fellowships there are different dates for each of the specialties that you can apply to. So if you are applying to an area other than Radiology then you will need to check the fellowship dates through NRMP directly. In any case you should check with NRMP at the start of the Match calendar for each year to check for any changes. The following are the key dates for Radiology fellowship through the NRMP:

  • March: Opening of the Match
  • April: You can start to provide your rank order list
  • May: quota change deadline
  • June 1st: Deadline for submitting your rank order list
  • June 15th: Match day when you will be provided with your match

Your rank order list is the list where you place the fellowships that you are applying to in order according to your preference. Each program will make a similar list using applicants names according to their preferences and the algorithm will then match all applicants according to those preferences to provide a fair allocation of places.

Influencing the Outcome of the Match

The best and only way to influence the outcome of the match is to ensure that the pediatric radiology fellowship will rank you highly by providing them with an attention grabbing application through ERAS. So always ensure that you select the best authors for your LoRs and write your personal statement very carefully. Often your personal statement can be the deciding factor as to how well you will be ranked. So ensure that you follow the ERAS personal statement guidelines and keep your statement to a maximum of a single page in length while ensuring that it is engaging, effective and completely free of any errors.

We Can Provide Help with Your ERAS Application

From editing your personal statement through to coaching you on interviews there are many different ways that our professional and highly specialized services can help you. We offer coaching, writing and editing services through experts that are holders of postgraduate degrees relevant to your application as well as many years of experience working with the Match and ERAS. We supply only unique tailored support that is error free at all times and provide you with a full satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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